About mi


Hiya! I am Kit but everyone call me mimi! I am thrilled that you stop by this little corner in my blog!^^

After working half of my life in fashion industry in Hong Kong, I jumped into videography world in UK few years ago.  I am just a very ordinary girl love beautiful dresses, heels and jewellery. However being with my genius husband who is extremely passionated about photography & lighting is like soaking myself in a photography sea. I learnt how to keep the memories (which I cherish a lot!!!) nicely with photos and videos. For that I feel truly blessed.

We work together in our photography & videography studio in London. Luckily we have lots of chances to travel to different places for shooting. I have to say we usually don’t have a chance to use the shooting trip as a holiday. But being a photographer’s light testing lady/subject gave me lots of “Holiday look photos” is a cool thing!




I have never been not busy in my whole life no matter where I am. If this is my fate then I won’t complaint about it. I want to live with it and squeeze in all the lovely adventures into it!

I love to share all the nice things I tried with my friends!

Every time I found something good, I want to share it with my beloved friends. I found that it is so much easier to send them a link of my post than typing lots of words in wtsapp.

LOVE & TIME are priceless! I want to keep my happy memories there!

Wave your hands if you are having a busy life like me! Sometime when there are so many things going on in my life. I forgot I actually enjoyed many wonderful thing with my family and friends. When I look back on these gorgeous memories, they gave my power to ROCK every valley in life!