The Churchill Arms Pub 。Secret Garden in Kensington

Loving this GREEN pub in the heart of the city!

I just can’t stop taking photos of this stunning pub The Churchill Arms in Kensington which is just 5 mins walk from Notting hill gate station! The pub was built in 1750. It is so beautiful like a ship with a garden on it!  (Learn more about the pub.)

Special thanks to blogger Kelsey ‘s wonderful recommendation in her blog about this pub! I had a really good time with my friend there!

From baskets, bird houses to pots, there are so many things hanging on the ceiling of the pub. They are so different but perfectly matched together!

The first part of the pub is a lovely classic pub. If you would like to go for their Thai restaurant, you will walk into their little beautiful conservatory.

“Wao!!!” is the first reaction when you step into the Thai restaurant !

Food is nice, staff are very friendly. I feel truly amazing when the sun shine through the glass roof!


There are so many lovely decorations EVERYWHERE! Really don’t want to leave that beautiful place!


Screen Shot 2018-04-09 at 00.22.50
5mins walk from Notting Hill Gate [Exit 1 – South Side – Kensington Garden]


Blog to you by Kit-Mimi @ valo studio

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