Ole & Steen 。A place to chill in Central London with friend


Ole & Steen

The Danish bakery from Copenhagen @ 2 mins walk from Piccadilly {Exit 3} London

56 Haymarket, St. James’s, London SW1Y 4RP

I feel so lucky that my videography client became a friend of mine after her wedding!!! Haven’t see my friend for quite a while, she suggested to go to a bakery cafe in Piccadilly (recommended by her food blogger friend) . ^^


Really love this place with modern design, all the decoration are very clean and chic. The beauty of Danish design always blow me away. There is a ticket machine for you to get a ticket and wait to be served by the friendly staff. The variety of bakery is amazing!!! I have to say it is full of customers all the time so I can’t get a clean shoot of the full rack of lovely breads.  Haha.

“This is a place perfect for catch up!”

Me and my friend found a seat on upper floor. It is such a wonderful place to chill. The place is not too quiet also not too noise. We sat there for a long time! Just can’t stopping sharing our new life!

“Take way is an awesome idea!”

It is nice to get some bakery for my boss so that we can have a lovely Sunday breakfast^^. (Take away menu has a better price!)


Next day morning, I am writing this blog with the fantastic coffee made by my boss.

Their famous cinnamon pastry
Love this bread with seeds! The freshness of the seeds will melt your heart

Ole & Steen has many branches in London! This St James Market branch even open still 10pm in weekend. This is so nice.

Screen Shot 2018-03-18 at 11.33.52



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