Whistable。A wonderful place for oysters lovers


We suddenly feel like to have some oysters but don’t want to stay in London this weekend!! Searching through the internet, we found an article about the Best seafood seafood restaurant in outside London. Whistable is one of the shining option in the list.

It only take 1hr10mins from London St Pancras to Whistable, this is wonderful for a day trip! After watching half of a movie on the train, here we are!!! ^^

After 20mins walk from Whistable station, we arrived at the city centre. We started our seafood adventure from Wheelers oysters bar !


It was 10am in the morning! We can’t wait to start ordering the lovely seafood at the bar near the entrance!!


We saw this prawn tart outside the bar, it is our 1st target!! The tart definitely didn’t disappointed us. A fantastic starter!

EN7A0270There are so many options in the bar. Love this seafood salads with (lots of) optopus, mussels and olives with refreshing lemons juice.EN7A0259The King prawns! No one should miss this! Very juicy and fresh!EN7A0273

This big whelks also one of our favourite!EN7A0280

This bar is our MUST GO in Whistable. Everything are so fresh and delicious in amazing price! The mini prawns are also very yummy, we bought a bag to enjoy it near the beach. Sadly the oysters were not in store yet before we left. Apparently the bar is quite fully booked in the weekend. Can’t wait to come back and try their oysters!!!!

This is our next stop, SAMPHIRE. It is right next to Wheelers oysters bar.EN7A0286

The ranking of SAMPHIRE is very high in trip advisor, it is also the taste of Kent winner 2017!EN7A0288EN7A0298We would like to order a lot of food, however we were too full… >.<  Our stomach can only allow one more dish. We love this Haddock with porch eggs and rice, the fish is awesome!EN7A0300

Finally digested our big breakfast after we walked along the beautiful beach.EN7A0316EN7A0339EN7A0365

We sat down in this outdoor bar The Whistable Oyster companyEN7A0451

Totally forgot to bring more cash! Most of the restaurants here take cash. Haha! With the cash we had, we ordered a dozen of oysters and a long mojito.EN7A0370

I have to say, these are the best oysters we had these years!!!!! It just so good!EN7A0428

At the end we found that The Whistable oyster company is actually the restaurant we read in the “Best seafood place outside London”!!!

The Whistable oyster company is right next to this store.EN7A0450

Beautiful harbour of Whistable.EN7A0508EN7A0494

We were still very full. However we can’t stop eating! Bought oysters and whelks from the little shop next to the boat.


This little whelks are delicious.EN7A0469

Back to the main street.EN7A0454

We sat down at Ossies Fish bar for our simple lunch. Didn’t expect the skate is that big but the price is in single digit! Haha! Feel like having a french toast! This skate is wonderful!EN7A0460

EN7A0550What a beautiful day!

We had a early dinner in Crab and Winkle restaurant. It has a lovely good view of the harbour.EN7A0696

Leaving Whistable under the beautiful sunset.EN7A0709



Blog to you by Kit-Mimi @ valo studio

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